Nation News: Monday 30 March 2015

The Australian for Monday 30 March 2015 carried little ethnic news or comment.

Page 2

Katherine Towers. “Jewish victims lobby politicians.” News. 43 col. cms. Victims of child sexual assault in Melbourne’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community have written to the Prime Minister and other political leaders calling on them to intervene in the running of the Yeshiva school in question, by urging a change of administration. The eleven signatories claimed that the school was still run by individuals with the same mindset that overlooked the abuse. The recent royal commission into child sexual abuse heard testimony that responsible administration was impeded by the tradition of secrecy whereby victims who reported abuse to the non-Jewish authorities were threatened, intimidated and ostracised.

Page 5

Mark Coultan. “Foley needs new issues to stand a hope in 2019.” Opinion. 49 col. cms. In a brief passage Coultan criticised NSW Labor leader Luke Foley for making “hysterical claims about Chinese investment in the state electricity privitisation . . .”

Page 7

Sid Maher. “Shorten tarred with ‘Foley folly’.” News. 22 col. cms. Quotes federal Social Services Minister Scott Morrison criticising federal Labor leader Bill Shorten for showing signs of using tactics similar to Luke Foley. Morrison indicated he was referring to Foley’s concerns about foreign ownership, especially by Chinese interests. He warned Shorten against “fear campaigns and populist reactionary positions”.

Page 16

Calum Wilson Austin (editor). Local entertainment guide: “Lag Meta Aus: Home in the Torres Strait.” Public information. 7 col. cms. The exhibition of artwork, objects and stories that reflect the history and culture of the Torres Strait. National Museum of Australia, Canberra.

Summary. This issue of The Australian (30 March 2015) carried 121 column centimetres of ethnic stories and comments, which were about 1.7 per cent of the 18 page news section, including advertisements. That content consisted of an appeal to governments by Jewish victims of child abuse, criticism of the Labor Party for raising concerns about foreign ownership of (at present) public assets, and information about a museum exhibit of indigenous culture.

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